Personalize our aluminum and recycled plastic benches, picnic tables, and receptacles in one of three ways:

Engraved Recycled Bench Engraved Aluminum Plaque Cast Bronze Plaque

Engraved Recycled Plastic

Suitable for recycled plastic plank or aluminum benches or picnic tables

$100 – 20 characters/line; 3 lines/plank

Engraved Aluminum Plaque

Countersunk into recycled plastic – ideal for benches or picnic tables

$130 – 20 characters/line; up to 3 lines

Cast Bronze Plaque

Available for our best selling Hyde Park vertical steel strap bench – classic & elegant

$150 – 20 characters/line; up to 3 lines

Personalized Site Furnishings can be used in a variety of ways

  • Memorial Bench or Memorial Garden programs – Many cities and park districts allow community members to purchase benches that bear the name of loved ones they want to honor or memorialize.  It’s an excellent way to foster goodwill and pride in the community, while easing the financial burden of furnishing public spaces.  These programs can also be used as fund raisers for garden clubs and civic pride organizations.
  • Show school or corporate pride – Placing personalized site furnishings on school or corporate campuses emphasizes pride and encourages the use of public spaces for rest and relaxation.
  • Recognize the contributions of long-time volunteers or employees – When an employee or volunteer retires after years of dedicated service, a perfect way to recognize their commitment is to commemorate it with a personalized bench in a visible location.
  • Engrave picnic tables, benches, and receptacles to deter theft and vandalism – An increase in the theft of aluminum products across the U.S. can be deterred by engraving the city or organization’s name in plain site on furnishings.  Likewise, engraving emphasizes ownership and can reduce instances of vandalism to items in public spaces.

Beginning a Memorial Bench Program

  1. Select the type of bench your program will offer to donors.  We highlight three of our bestselling benches in our sample brochure, two of recycled plastic and one of vertical steel strap.  Select your bench (or benches) based upon pricing, appearance, and where they will be located in your community.
  2. Determine where the benches will be installed.  Select a park, a public walkway, or scenic overlook and identify several spots upon which benches can be placed.  Decide if you will allow your donors to select the final location of their bench or if it will be placed by the oversight committee or others.
  3. Set pricing for the benches.  After reviewing the retail pricing for our benches, determine what additional costs you may incur with the program (ie. installation, maintenance, advertising) before setting the total that donors will need to contribute.  Consult your accountant to determine what percentage of your donor’s contribution will be tax deductible, if necessary.
  4. Design and distribute promotional material.  Download a sample brochure for your reference.  Click on any photo of our benches (below) or engraving samples (above) to download for use in your own brochures and promotional materials.  Remember, these benches are just suggestions…personalization is available for all our benches!