Patterson-Williams offers a wide selection of colors for both our high quality recycled plastic planks and our super-durable powder coated metal furnishings.

Recycled Plastic Plank Specifications:

Manufactured of 100% Post-Consumer High Density Polyethylene (the type found in milk jugs), our recycled plastic planking is the best in the industry.  UV inhibitors, color concentrates, and process additives ensure long-lasting fade resistance and durability.  Our RCP is as beautiful as natural wood but requires none of the upkeep.  Combine the bright, bold colors with contrasting powder coat finishes to create unique statement furnishings or to match school or corporate colors and decor.

Advantages of Super-Durable Powder Coating:

Site furnishings and park amenities are exposed to constant damaging wear and tear in the form of environment, weather, crowds, and corrosion.  The application of super-durable powder coating protects our hand-crafted furnishings from all of those and adds a layer of additional protection against graffiti.  With 26 beautiful, eye-catching colors to choose from, our powder coat adds the element of customization to all our furnishings, complimenting and adding design interest to outdoor public spaces.